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Friday, April 19, 2013

Programming in C Language for PGDCA, MCA, BSC IT, BCA, DCA, MSC IT FIRST SEMESTER

Follow the following Topic to Rock in Exam

Some Question:-
1. What is Data types and its type ?
2. What is Array and its types ?
3. What is conditional statements and its types ?
4. What is Loop and its types?
5. What is Recursion, Give an Example with program?
6. What is Call by value and call by reference? or Difference between call by   
    value and call by reference with swapping program example?
7. Difference between Structure and Union?
8. what is randum Access of file? give detail?
9. what is Enumeration data type?
10. what is Conditional Operator, function and argument, Sizeof, Pointer with 
     a program, Getch, getchar, putchar etc function

Some Program:-
1. Write a program of factorial function using recursion?
2. Write a program to swap two numbers and explain the concept of call by 
    value and cal by reference?
3. Write a program for quardiac equation and find roots real or not? v. imp.

Follow Above Topic Definitely exam clear. best of luck 

Saturday, April 2, 2011


MSC-IT and PGDCA 1st Sem Question paper of Computer Fundamental September 2010
Click below link to download the paper

Click here to download Computer fundamental Question paper

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